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Tribunal Justice

Tribunal Justice (2023)

电视 United States
Features a panel of three judges collectively adjudicating real cases.



主演:Tanya Acker / Patricia DiMango / Cassandra Britt





Features a panel of three judges collectively adjudicating real cases.
第 1 季 共 78 集

第 1 集 24-Hour Bakery Business
Justice Junction, a renowned art collector stands accused of stealing a priceless painting. The panel of judges engages in a spirited deliberation, with one judge questioning the evidence and proposing an alternative theory. The verdict surprises everyone, resulting in a split decision. The episode sets the stage for an exciting series with captivating cases and unpredictable judgments.

第 2 集 Friends Don't Catfish Friends
A friendship of over 40 years is destroyed when an investment opportunity turns out to be non-existent. The victim of the alleged ruse claims he was ghosted by his childhood friend after giving him $3500.

第 3 集 Hidden Damages
A young woman who served in Afghanistan sues for thousands in emotional distress after going through the ringer with a used car salesman and deathtrap of a car.

第 4 集 Adult Pop-Up Store Fail
The owner of an adult online store claims an employee made off with $5,000 worth of products by refusing to return merchandise after a pop-up store event.

第 5 集 Violent Roommates
Mutual combat between ex-roommates leads to serious injuries, restraining orders and jailtime. A heated lawsuit over $10K in missing property ensues.

第 6 集 Tattoo Bleedover Nightmare
A painful tattoo session leaves a woman suing for the $10K court maximum in damages. She claims the artist maliciously hurt her arm during a tattoo cover-up session due to an argument over creative differences.

第 7 集 Dentist Debauchery?
A veteran on a fixed income loans $10K to his down-and-out dentist in order to save his practice from bankruptcy. Alleged business sabotage, a million-dollar hospital bill and 'free' dental work to a younger girlfriend are excuses as to why he can't pay.

第 8 集 Home Sweet Home No More
A woman sues her ex-fiancé for the unauthorized and incomplete renovation of her home which left she and their children without a way to bathe. He says that he intended to finish the work but the home environment had become toxic.

第 9 集 Vigilante Dognapping Attempt (Part 1)
In this two-part episode, a woman takes the law into her own hands when she and her armed boyfriend force their way into a dog-grooming business to try and regain custody of her service animal. An employee and her children are traumatized by the caught-on-tape incident.

第 10 集 Vigilante Dognapping Attempt (Part 2)
In part two, the owner of the dog-grooming business speaks out about the repeated threats posed by this disgruntled client and her boyfriend; he sues for unpaid services. The Judges must decide which litigant can provide a better home for the animal.

第 11 集 Ex-Friends with Benefits
A young mother comes to the financial rescue of a new love interest who tells her that his job is in jeopardy. When she asks for repayment, he tells her to take it up in small claims court. The Judges have a field day.

第 12 集 Mother and Son Car Crisis
A law enforcement officer sues her son for 'cancelling' his agreement to pay in full for her beloved 2009 Dodge Challenger. Their fight comes to a head when he is involved in a car accident without insurance coverage.

第 13 集 Where There's a Will, There's a Way
Eighteen years after his mother's death, a man claims he never received his fair share of the inheritance and sues his sister for damages. She blames him for ruining the sale of their mother's home.

第 14 集 The Editors Shuffle
An aspiring writer/director accuses her film editor of ruining her chances to get into film festivals due to his personal drama. He claims her trafficking fantasy/thriller was unorganized and out of sync.

第 15 集 Covid Tenant Protection Shutdown
A 72-year-old man from Los Angeles is faced with eviction when his out-of-state landlord is diagnosed with cancer and needs to move back to California for treatment. A heated showdown over tenant rights during the pandemic ensues.

第 16 集 Don't Mix Business with Pleasure
Only weeks after meeting on a dating site, a couple decide to go into the resale business together. Without a contract, they dispute everything from start-up costs to a Miami birthday trip and a yacht outing.

第 17 集 Property or Priorities (Part 1)
In this two-part episode, a woman in recovery accuses her ex-fiancé of refusing to return her belongings. He counters with accusations of fraud.

第 18 集 Property or Priorities (Part 2)
In part two, a woman's serious health issues and related GoFundMe page are called into question when she sues a close friend for personal property. She must also defend against accusations that she tampered with evidence in a trial that granted her a restraining order against her ex-friend.

第 19 集 I Smell a Cat!
A woman blames her live-in nephew for property damage caused by his cat and sues him for back rent; he points the finger at her cat and says she was often too intoxicated to remember that he'd paid the rent.

第 20 集 I Thought He Was Dead
A social worker for refugees loans a friend $5,000 out of his savings only to be ghosted when he seeks payback. His 'friend' claims the money was a business investment that didn't pan out and that he owes nothing.

第 21 集 Pontoon Catfish
A Navy veteran buys a 34-year-old pontoon boat that almost sinks after a family outing; he sues the seller for a refund after three months of ownership. The Judges deliver a surprising verdict.

第 22 集 Body Sculpting Fiasco (Part 1)
In this two-part episode, an aesthetician's cancer diagnosis prevents her from providing body sculpting services to a tummy-tuck client but her severe no-refund policy may save her from paying out damages.

第 23 集 Body Sculpting Fiasco '(Part 2)
In part two, a woman pays an aesthetician for a 'mommy makeover' but claims the firming, lipo-laser procedure was a fail. She demands a full refund for services rendered despite the aesthetician's health challenges.

第 24 集 Group Home Dispute
A tenant says he sought refuge in a group home after suffering an assault only to be accused of having unauthorized sex by the retired psychiatrist who ran the place. The former doctor said he only wanted to help those in need.

第 25 集 Covid-Relief Entitlement
During the height of the pandemic, a woman refuses to pay rent because her apartment is in disrepair. Her landlord claims she neglected to reapply for Covid relief.

第 26 集 Overflooded & Drained My Account
A couple living in a flood plain sue an unlicensed plumber for costs to repair his allegedly shoddy work. They claim he left their yard a mess and made comments they viewed as racist.

第 27 集 The Dumped Dog
A feisty Jack Russell Terrier is accused of eating everything in sight and is 'un-adopted' by her overwhelmed rescue family. When the dog is later found wandering the streets, volunteers from the non-profit animal rescue sue the adoptive family for breach of contract.

第 28 集 The Odd Couple 2.0 and No Good Deed
The Judges rule on two cases in this episode. In the first, Covid may have gotten the best of a landlord and tenant when they wage war over the cleanliness of their shared space. He claims she was a neat freak; she admonishes him for his lack of respect for the 'show towels' in the bathroom. Up next, a woman's friend of 30 years neglects to pay her back after she helped him in his time of need.

第 29 集 Heated Up Over Cooling Down
Tempers run hot when a homeowner sues an unlicensed contractor for $5K in damages after an allegedly botched air-conditioner installation. Officer Byrd intervenes to restore order in the courtroom.

第 30 集 Stroke While Driving? (Part 1)
In this two-part episode, an uninsured driver denies being at fault when his car T-bones into an elderly woman's vehicle at a four-way intersection. The senior suffers a head injury during the collision.

第 31 集 Stroke While Driving? (Part 2)
In part two, a medical report after the collision indicates that the elderly driver suffered a mild stroke. The Judges must determine if the stroke contributed to or was a result of the crash. They call upon an accident reconstructionist to testify.

第 32 集 Prison Payback
A woman working double-time as a surrogate mother and warehouse employee sues her ex-convict cousin for an unpaid loan. He admits she was the only family member to stand by him during his 7-year prison term but denies owing her a penny.

第 33 集 Bully or Good Samaritan?
A woman breaks down in tears over a loan to her niece who accuses her of slander and defamation. The aunt claims her new phone transcribed comments she had made and sent them without her knowledge.

第 34 集 Scum Busters
A woman threatens police intervention if a housekeeper returns to her home after allegedly doing a shoddy job of cleaning. The housekeeper submits video evidence that she left the place tidy and claims that she worked for eight hours.

第 35 集 Not Living Single
A man accuses his ex-landlord of refusing to verify him as a past tenant; he claims her actions forced his family to live in a motel for months. He sues for return of his security deposit and for displacement expenses.

第 36 集 Wedding Contractor or Con Artist?
An engaged couple sue their wedding planner for the court maximum after their dream wedding does not take place. Large payments to vendors are called into question when the planner cannot produce evidence that they took place.

第 37 集 Up in Smoke (Part 1)
In part one of this two-part episode, after a raging apartment fire causes over $250K in damages, a tenant accuses her landlord of property theft and demands that her security deposit be returned.

第 38 集 Up in Smoke (Part 2)
In part two, the landlord blames his tenant for starting the fire citing her combustible gas cans as the possible flame accelerant. The defendant says she and her daughter were lucky to get out alive.

第 39 集 Outrageous Prank
A cruel and disgusting act of revenge involving a small dog is caught on tape when a woman goes after her roommate for allegedly breaking 'girl code.' Soon after, a fight over unpaid rent escalates into physical violence.

第 40 集 Mother Knows Best
A former lawyer sues her adult son for falling behind on truck payments; he adds insult to injury by racking up tickets and tolls on the vehicle and by calling her possessive and controlling.

第 41 集 Website Fiasco
An entrepreneur hires a former client to create her company's website but when no website materializes, she sues for damages. The Judges applaud her innovative business concept.

第 42 集 Experienced Spender
For her 20th birthday, a young woman pays for a friend to join her on a grand trip to Paris and Greece. Three years later, the friend is sued for the cost of the trip and calls into question the statute of limitations.

第 43 集 Rodents and Bedbugs and Hoarding..Oh My!
Senior roommates fight over who is to blame for the pain and suffering caused by their untenable living conditions. Health workers refuse homecare due to their unsanitary homelife.

第 44 集 Teen Driver Meets Ex-Cop
In a mall parking lot, an unlicensed and uninsured teen driver backs into a retired police officer's car. She refuses to hand over any information at the scene and blames him for the accident.

第 45 集 Not Seen on TV
While searching for love in Ukraine, an American man strikes up a friendship with an entrepreneur and invests $6500 to produce an adult reality TV show called "Daddy Knows Best". Swimsuit competitions and location scouting in the Dominican Republic leave the Judges questioning the investor's naivete and the producer's motivation.

第 46 集 An Auction Gone Wrong
A woman entrusts $6,800 with a close friend who promises to purchase a car for her at an auction. When a car never materializes, she goes after her friend for payback.

第 47 集 Covid Relief Payback
A tenant is accused of stealing Covid relief funds from her landlord. She admits to cashing a relief check intended for him but claims he'd already received aid and that her apartment was uninhabitable.

第 48 集 Bailed-Out Boyfriend
A woman believes a terrible mistake has been made when marshals come to arrest her new boyfriend; she immediately bails him out only to discover fraud, forgery and another girlfriend.

第 49 集 Testing the Limits of Southern Good Will
A Georgia man notices a laborer struggling with a move and offers him free use of his flatbed trailer. The laborer accepts his gracious offer only to overload the trailer, damage it and leaves it in a location where thieves strip it.

第 50 集 Boat Buddy Bail Out
An elderly gentleman sells his boat to a young man and thinks he's found a good friend and new fishing buddy. The Judges question the 'friendship' when they uncover the details of a $5K bailout loan the young neighbor received from the man.

第 51 集 Crypto Crash
A security guard says he was promised a 100% return on his $5K investment in cryptocurrency. Instead, his financial advisor says when the market crashed, so did all payout returns.

第 52 集 Pit Bull Attacks Runner
After mauling a runner, a pit bull lunges at a police officer and is pepper sprayed. The pet owner insists his dogs are friendly and claims the runner provoked them.

第 53 集 Obstruction of Justice Between Friends
A single mother exposes her own criminal activity when she decides to sue a friend for car repairs. Her friend also admits to being complicit in obstructing a police investigation.

第 54 集 Party Bus Catastrophe
A night of celebration ends in disaster when the birthday girl and 25 of her closest friends are stranded at a winery in Malibu. She sues the party-bus owner for thousands spent on ride shares to get back home and for birthday gifts allegedly left on the bus.

第 55 集 Woes of a First-Time Homeowner
A veteran makes several rookie mistakes when he purchases his first home and is sued for thousands by tenants that came with the property. A questionable inspection does little to back up his claims of property damage.

第 56 集 Stolen Trailer and Cherished Ashes
A woman claims a former father figure in her life unlawfully withheld her truck and personal property. Accusations of theft and creepy behavior come into play as the woman makes an emotional attempt to retrieve her deceased friend’s ashes left in the truck.

第 57 集 Dog Death by Delivery Driver
With the shocking incident captured on camera, a grief-stricken pet owner seeks $5K in compensation after her beloved dachshund is struck and killed by a food delivery driver. The apologetic defendant blames poor visibility and the dog running loose, leaving both parties in emotional turmoil and allegations of negligence looming large.

第 58 集 Screenwriters' Covid Caper (Part 1)
In this two-part episode, screenwriter brothers face accusations of fraudulently attempting to obtain Covid relief in order to pay $20K in back rent. They deny all charges and cite endless harassment by their landlord who threatened to shut off their basic services.

第 59 集 Screenwriters' Covid Caper (Part 2)
In part two, the Judges start to question the legitimacy of the brothers' Covid claim when they see a trail of text messages that may contradict their story. The landlord's willingness to provide a fake lease agreement so they could gain Covid relief to pay back rent also comes under scrutiny.

第 60 集 Cat-Nipped
A woman sues for pain and suffering when her healthcare is disrupted by a landlord's refusal to return her security deposit. To make matters worse, the landlord is allegedly scratched in the face by her cat.

第 61 集 Future Brother-in-Law and Order
A landlord faces off with his sister's fiance over eviction costs, property damage and alleged physical threats. The fiance not only denies any wrongdoing but accuses his future brother-in-law of stealing his property.

第 62 集 Kitty Custody in an Open Relationship
After an unsuccessful attempt at an open relationship, a man sues his ex-girlfriend for unpaid rent, money lent, and custody of Willow, their shared pet cat. After the Judges' ruling, one of the litigants makes their final, tearful goodbye to Willow in the courtroom.

第 63 集 Monkeypox Scare
A camp retreat for a men's group is cancelled due to a Monkeybox outbreak in California and a mudslide. Tears are shed when the owners of the beloved camp are sued for a refund.

第 64 集 Pit Bulls on the Loose
A rescue pit bull described as gentle and well-behaved has to be beaten with a shovel to release a poodle from its mouth. The poodle's owner is also attacked and sues for $7K in medical bills and pain and suffering.

第 65 集 Vending Machine Crash
An uber entrepreneur hires a mover to place her first vending machine in a commercial space. Understaffed and unprepared, the mover destroys her opportunity to make extra money when the machine promptly falls off his dolly.

第 66 集 Waterslide Party Fail
A party-planning mom decides to go all-in and purchase a mega-waterslide for her annual family get-together. She winds up suing a business owner for $8K, claiming everything from delivery to set-up went wrong.

第 67 集 Grandmother on the Attack
A woman sues her granddaughter for defamation and lying under oath, while the granddaughter claims she suffered emotional trauma from her elder’s actions. The Judges must navigate a complex, dramatic family history to uncover the truth and determine if this lawsuit is justified.

第 68 集 Denturegate
A woman places blame for lost dentures on her toddler grandson and sues her son for thousands to replace them. The Judges question her decision to place her valuables in a bag of chips for safekeeping.

第 69 集 Drip, Drip, Drought!
A landlord and tenant battle over skyrocketing water costs and garden upkeep during a drought. Pet violations and property damage come into play.

第 70 集 Rocky Road Car Repair
A simple car repair turns into a 13-month enterprise when ex-friends fight over payment terms and a mysterious noise coming from underneath the hood.

第 71 集 Crystals, Rocks and Sage Shutdown
Amid accusations of embezzlement, a lawsuit unfolds between two former business partners who were cited for running an apothecary business. The operational partner argues that the silent partner emptied the bank account and laid off employees without her knowledge.

第 72 集 Once, Twice, Three Times a Roof
A woman accuses a veteran roofer of causing $14K in damages to her mobile home. He insists that the weight of an additional layer of shingles could never cause that much damage.

第 73 集 Near-Fatal Highway Disaster
An uninsured driver going 70mph ploughs into a vehicle caught in a traffic standstill on the highway. A mother driving her son to college suffers extensive injuries when their car is flipped upon impact. The negligent driver denies being at fault.

第 74 集 Not Heaven Sent
A woman in poor health believes her prayers have been answered when a neighbor steps up to help her with daily errands. Gratitude turns to suspicion when her money starts to go missing.

第 75 集 Polyamorous Fail
A unique lifestyle choice leaves feuding ex-lovers, who have a child together, suing each other for the $10K court maximum over property damage as a result of an altercation and back rent.

第 76 集 Buyer Beware
A man travels three hours to purchase his dream car only for it to break down 24 minutes into a test drive. The seller denies ever offering him a test drive and refuses to take back the vehicle.

第 77 集 40 'Again' Birthday Party Fail
When a 40th-birthday party is cancelled due to Covid, the birthday girl plans a grand do-over for her 41st. She sues for pain and suffering when the party venue's red walls clash with her gold color scheme.

第 78 集 Dueling Police Arrests
After a humiliating arrest at gunpoint, a woman sues her own mother for $10K in pain and suffering for filing a false police report. The Judges reprimand both parties for using law enforcement to make gains against each other in a contentious family dispute.
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